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Continuity of Care


Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is one of the key benefits that come with our patient-centered health home approach.  Continuity is provided in a number of ways.

Care Coordination:  Your primary care provider and team will work with you to improve care coordination that results in higher quality care to you and your family.

If you have a special health concern or condition, you will be connected with other health professionals to help you get the care you need.  Those connections can be within our integrated service team; such as pharmacists, mental health professionals, health navigators, or public health programs including WIC (Women, Infants & Children Nutrition program), or Maternal Child Health Home Visiting Program.

If you need to see a specialist, our team members will assist you in coordinating the referral.  We will make sure the necessary information is provided to the specialist and that we receive the specialist’s recommendation for follow-up of your care.

If you are hospitalized or have to use the emergency room, please tell the physician who treats you the name of your primary care provider.  That will help us follow-up with you and continue your care when you are discharged.


  • Care through all your ages:  Our primary care providers are trained to address health needs from birth to senior citizens.  We provide life-long care that changes and evolves to meet your stage in life.


  • Information continuity:  Your health record is kept in one place.  We will make sure that all health professionals caring for you have access to current and accurate information about your health.  We will make sure your personal health information is always protected and kept private.


You can easily access your health information by signing up to MyChart.  Please ask staff to assist you.

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