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Proactive Care

What does proactive care mean?

Planning ahead 

Our goal is to partner with you to avoid health issues from happening in the first place.  We invite new patients to schedule a visit with our RN Care Coordinator as soon as possible to review your health history, screen for health risks, and establish your health record.  This is an important first step in establishing care at the Health Center.  Once you’re established with a care team, same day or next day appointments are available to address immediate concerns.

If you have a health condition, proactive care means your team will monitor your condition and contact you when it’s time for follow-up lab tests, or visits with your provider or care team members.

Patient engagement

Our teams are there to help you meet your health goals.  Team members will encourage and support you in setting personal goals for your health.  They will help you understand your health risks and conditions, and give you tools and support to manage your own care.


We are focused on disease prevention and maintaining health.  Screening tests, health education, and immunization programs are the foundations of our preventive care.  By recognizing potential early risk factors for disease, we can proactively work with you to develop an active health maintenance plan to prevent the likelihood of future health problems.





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